Brake Disc Machining

We are now equiped with the worlds best on car brake lathe. The Pro-Cut PFM 9.0. Recommended by most of the worlds motor manufacturers. This means we can reface the discs on your car as long as they are within the legal minimum thicknesses. The lathe can skim ALL discs up to 412 mm outside diameter which will be most of the UK and worldwide car parc. The machine will save you money if you have corroded, distorted or warped, or squealing brakes due to lips on the disc as we can just reface rather then replace. So you save on the price of new discs, pads and the labour to fit them. Depending on the car this will be a massive saving both to you and also it reduces the no of discs bought and sol every year which helps in a small way twords reducing the worlds carbon footprint.

The lathe will allow better braking then new discs as the machine is computer controlled to reduce the lateral run out of the disc so it finds the lowest possible run out before it locks on and then machines the disc which takes into account for any hub, bearing or disc lateral float which matches the disc to your individual car whereas a new disc will have a manufacturing tolerance built in to allow the disc to have recommended run-out allowed.

HOW DO BRAKES WEAR? - As you accumulate miles on your vehicle, your brakes are subjected to repeated heating and cooling. This fact, along with your own driving habits, the type of road you travel, the breakdown of brake pad material, and the accumulation of dirt will distort and scar the discs surfaces so that they are no longer true. The brake disc is no longer smooth, flat, or straight.

WHAT CAUSES BRAKE PULSATION? - Brake pulsation, then, is generally caused by a disc that is no longer smooth, flat, or straight. It usually begins with excessive lateral runout or side to side movement of the brake disc as it rotates.

THE BEST BRAKE SOLUTION - The Pro-Cut brake disc on car lathe is the solution to brake pulsation and maintaining your vehicle’s discs. Pro-Cut''s RMS technology is the only patented system for matching hubs to discs directly. The brake lathe attaches to the vehicle’s hub and resurfaces the disc true to the hub''s axis, insuring that the original manufacturer''s tolerances are once again achieved. Pro-Cut''s RMS can even service ABS and trapped discs. It is the best solution for today’s exacting specifications. After having your vehicle''s brakes serviced with Pro-Cut''s Rotor Matching System, your brakes will perform like new for a fraction of the cost of new discs.